February 1, 2013

Today's Tune: "The Warrior" By Scandal

Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and the Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
wrestle with a Sontaran in 'Doctor Who' - "The Time Warrior" (1973).

English actress Elisabeth Sladen was born on February 1, 1946, in Liverpool, England. Therefore, since today is the day of the year to celebrate her birthday, this 'Today's Tune' is dedicated to her.

I have always been a big fan of Elisabeth Sladen, ever since she starred in 'Doctor Who', the longest running science-fiction television show of all time and space. From 1973 to 1976, Sladen portrayed an investigative-reporter named Sarah Jane Smith, the most popular of all the many companions that 'the Doctor' ever had. Sarah Jane is the role Elisabeth Sladen is most remembered for. She then reprised the role a few times, including in the 'Doctor Who' spin-offs, 'K-9 And Company' and 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'. Unfortunately, Sladen died from cancer on April 19, 2011, at the age of 63.

The very first story that included the Sarah Jane Smith character was called "The Time Warrior", which originally aired in four episodes, from December 15, 1973 to January 5, 1974. This story's title led to my choice of musical track for today.

The American (US) band Scandal, fronted by singer Patty Smyth, released a song called "The Warrior" in August, 1984. It comes from the album of the same name, also released in August of 1984.

Scandal were popular for a few years, 1981 - 1985, creating a few hits before splitting up. They reunited in 2004, and have continued to tour off and on since then. Band members have changed over the years.

Scandal - "The Warrior" (1984)
Original official video reminds me of the musical, 'Cats'. How 'bout you?

Scandal - "The Warrior" At Gilford 2007
Lookout, someone's drunk (and hot) mom is singing karaoke!

Scandal - "The Warrior" at 'Alive At Five' Albany, NY 2012
Hey, someone's drunk (and hot) mom returns for more karaoke!

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