April 19, 2011

Today's Tune: "Sara Smile" And "She's Gone"
By Hall And Oates

Photo from Coventry Telegraph.

This 'Today's Tune' double feature is dedicated to actress Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away this morning. She died of cancer, at the age of 63. Sladen, born in Liverpool, England on February 1, 1948, is most well known for playing the role of investigative-reporter Sarah Jane Smith in the world's greatest science-fiction television show of all time and space, Doctor Who.

Right now, I'm so full of shock and sadness, I can't bring myself to type the words to tell you all about this wonderful woman. Like millions of other fans across this planet, she was my favorite of all the companions that have spent time with the Doctor, since the show first started in 1963. There has been at least one fan club, that was dedicated specifically to her.

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who (1975)

I must admit, I found her quite attractive. As an actress, she had a special quality and a real presence about her. She was intelligent and kind. Though I've met some of the actors from the classic Doctor Who series, as well as writers and William Hartnell's (original Doctor) granddaughter, I never met Elisabeth Sladen. Now, I never will.

Here is the Wikipedia page for Elisabeth Sladen. For her death announcement from the BBC, click here. YouTube results list for Elisabeth Sladen.

Elisabeth's most famous character, Sarah Jane Smith, led me to immediately think of these two tracks from Hall And Oates, that became hit singles. First up, we have the beautiful "Sara Smile" (1976), followed by the sad lament of "She's Gone".

Hall And Oates - "Sara Smile"

Hall And Oates - "She's Gone"

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