April 1, 2010

Today's Tune: "What's Going On" And "What's Happening Brother" By Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye, one of the most beloved American R&B / soul singers of all time, died on April 1, 1984. The Washington, DC native Gaye was shot to death on that day by his own father, a minister.

Marvin, who suffered from bouts of depression, was living with his parents at the time. He was killed with the gun he had given his father Marvin, Sr. a few months before the incident occurred. The two men had argued many times, but at this time Marvin, Jr. was cut down while intervening in an argument between his parents.

In his honor, I've chosen what is possibly his most popular song, and my personal favorite, "What's Going On" (Single recorded in 1970). The following video also includes "What's Happening Brother". Both songs appeared on the 1971 album, 'What's Going On'.

Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On" And "What's Happening Brother"

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