February 26, 2010

Nazareth Remasters On The Way

According to the following announcement, which showed up on the official Nazareth web site a couple days ago, all of the Scottish rock band's back catalogue will be re-released in improved remastered form. Some will be out by April 2010, with more shortly thereafter, via Salvo Music.

Nazareth Remasters

Salvo Records are set to reissue all of the Nazareth albums, the albums will be Remastered with extra bonus tracks relating to the album concerned, plus new sleeve notes. The first to be released will be a new 2 cd 'The Anthology' collection, then Nazareth and Exercises in one single package, followed by Razamanaz.

Loud 'n' Proud, Rampant and Hair of the Dog, are also now availiable.

In April the original Greatest hits will be released with eight exrta tracks, plus Close Enough for Rock and Roll and Playin' the Game. These two albums will be released as one CD with added bonus tracks and new sleeve notes.

June will see Expect No Mercy and No Mean City. More details on these soon.

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