August 14, 2009

Today's Tune: "Blackout" By Scorpions

Photo of 2003 blackout found at The View From Argle Heights blog.

On August 14, 2003, much of the Northeastern part of the USA and part of Canada were suffering from a blackout. No, not that kind, a power blackout. I don't really remember it, just like when you have the other kind. My heavy partying days were over by then, so that can't be why it escapes my memory. Anyway, the tune I've cued up for yah is "Blackout" (1982 - 'Blackout' album) by that German rock band that always looks like they're having a good time, the Scorpions. And yes, the song is about the beverage induced "blackout". Just in case you blackout and can't remember playing the video, I've made it a double. No, not that kind. You really have you're mind set on drinking heavily, now don't you?

Scorpions - "Blackout" at MSG, New York in 1984.

Scorpions - "Blackout" at 'Moscow Music Peace Festival' in 1989.

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