March 7, 2009

'Hippiefest Tour 2009' Includes Stop In Baltimore

The Hippies are coming to town this summer. 'Hippiefest Tour 2009' runs from July 17 to August 22, 2009. Artists include The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie, Mountain featuring Leslie West & Corky Laing and Badfinger featuring Joey Molland. Tour dates are still being added. For the latest information check the tour pages of the artists listed above.

Tickets for the Thursday July 23, 2009 show (starts at 7:00 PM EDT) at Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore, MD go on sale today - Saturday March 7, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST.


Kameron D Kiggins said...

Speaking of hippies, did you hear about the huge drug bust at the Phish reunion show?

The patchouli odor from the mugshots might stink up your computer screen for a week...

Dan, Jr. said...

According to Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer & Lauren King of The Virginian-Pilot (03/10/2009 article):

194 arrests, $1.2M in drugs and more than $68 Grand seized, but according to police spokeswoman ... 'Cpl. Allison Quiñones ... "We didn’t have any major problems at all," ... "It was very smooth."

Quiñones also noted that police weren’t expecting many problems from the band’s fans.'

No problem huh? Well, now we know where it's cool to go party, right?

Anonymous said...

you dont have anything better to do than hate on hippies? people have no respect and are so stuck up now a days why cant you just mind your own business and do your own thing.

Dan, Jr. said...

Hey Anonymous,
I made no hateful comments about hippies whatsoever. Why would I post a notice about the upcomming 'Hippiefest' if I was down on hippies? I don't have respect for drug users who get wasted out in public and cause trouble for others. Actually, my beliefs and ideals, as well as my very long hair, resemble the hippie way of life in many ways. If you're just trying to wind me up, you've done a poor job. If you are serious, you have more serious problems, and should seek out a therapist.


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