June 11, 2008

Chicago And Doobie Brothers 2008 Summer Tour

Two very American bands have merged their 2008 summer tour schedules. Chicago and the Doobie Brothers are set to co-headline a total of 23 concerts. They hooked up in Phoenix, AZ on June 3rd and will entertain 22 towns and cities accross the US, ending with a show in Uncasville, CT on July 4th.

Co-founders Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons front the Doobie Brothers, which is currently made up mostly of longtime bandmates. These guys from out west had most of their big hits and multi-platinum records in the 1970's, but seem to have plenty of steam left. They're mostly classic American rock and roll, with a little country flavor mixed in here and there.

Chicago has a very wide range of American musical styles included in their sound, from rock and roll to jazz, to the blues. This band from the country's heartland had most of their 20 top ten hits, gold and platinum records in the same time period as the Doobies. They are also currently made up of the classic bandmates, including Robert Lamm and James Pankow. The "lost" Chicago album "Stone Of Sisyphus" is due to be released on June 17, 2008.

They won't be visiting any venues in Maryland or Washington, DC. If you are from these parts you might try to get tickets to the show at Hershey Park, in Hershey, PA on June 18, 2008. Check them out while you still can. Fill all your senses with real music for a change.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Doobie Brothers' music since they are from an era when music was music. I enjoy rap and hip-hop but some artists today have moved away from using their lyrics to promote life, love, and happiness, not degradation. I would have really liked to have seen them in concert.

Dan, Jr. said...

Both of these bands help brighten my day when I listen to their music. It always reminds me of a simpler, usually less stressful time in my life.


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