June 27, 2008

46664 Concert To Honor Mandela At 90

Paul Rodgers, Roger Taylor, Mandelas in 2005

Many of the world's most famous people will be gathering to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday during the 46664 Concert at Hyde Park in London, England today. The concert which starts at 1:30 PM EDT will raise money for Mandela charities and raise worldwide awareness of AIDS.

This will be the sixth concert bearing the number 46664 since November 2003. Mandela was numbered 46664 by prison administration because he was the 466th prisoner to arrive at Robbin Island in the year 1964. He was held prisoner until 1990 as punishment for fighting Apartheid.

As Mandela says, "It's in our hands". To make a donation visit 46664.com. To watch the concert live click here. The event will be rebroadcast on July 18, 2008. A video taped two hour version of the concert will be broadcast in the US Monday, June 30th on VH1.

Queen + Paul Rodgers - "Say It's Not True"

Brian May and Zucchero - "Cosi Celeste" 46664 Arctic 2005


Dan, Jr. said...
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Dan, Jr. said...

Just wanted add:

It's a shame VH1's 2 hour highlight special got whittled down to 1 hr 30 mins. The other 3 songs Queen performed, but didn't make the special, are on YouTube. The entire event to be rebroadcast online at www.46664.com/mediaplayer on July 18th, which is Mandela's actual birthday.


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