May 2, 2012

Today's Tune: "I'm The Show" By Max Havoc

The Washington Capitals are at home tonight for Game 3, after having split the first two games of their semifinal playoff series (NHL) with the New York Rangers in New York, New York.

As they continue their run in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs this evening, they are the show to watch, for me and many other fans. Junior's Eyes had this in mind when choosing the Hockey Music track for this 'Today's Tune'.

This time, it comes from 1980s Los Angeles, California metal band, Max Havoc. "I'm The Show" (with it's overly simplistic, yet fun lyrics) is on their only album, also called 'Max Havoc' (1983). I'm still happy to have this vinyl gem in my personal collection.

You can thank Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward for getting the band their start. Then, you can thank bad timing for their early finish. Here's hoping the Capitals have a long run in this year's post season.

Max Havoc - "I'm The Show" (1983)

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