September 20, 2011

Today's Tune: "Photographs And Memories"
And "Time In A Bottle" By Jim Croce

We lost the great American folk singer, songwriter Jim Croce on September 20, 1973. Junior's Eyes therefore celebrates his meaningful cultural contributions on this anniversary.

Croce's musical creations are the kind that are life changing. When I hear his songs, in my mind, I'm transported back to the happier and easier time of my childhood. There is an emotional link to his music that I never want to lose.

This 'Today's Tune' is a double feature. I've chosen to include a bonus track for a couple of reasons. I love both songs, and they both fit the situation so well that I couldn't pick just one.

"Photographs And Memories" comes from the 1972 album titled 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim'. It was picked because, other than the brilliant five studio albums and a couple live recordings, that's basically almost all we have left of Jim Croce. That might seem greedy, but he was only 30 years old when he died.

When a tremendous musical talent perishes at such a young age, or as in Jim's case, when you realize how special a person that someone is even during their life, you wish you could save their "Time In A Bottle". This song is off the same album, and was released as a single later on, in 1973.

Jim Croce - "Photographs And Memories" (1972)

Jim Croce - "Time In A Bottle" (From 1972 Album, 1973 Single)

Jim Croce talks about early days of his career.

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