August 26, 2011

Today's Tune: Rod Stewart Sings "Sailing"

Endeavour replica sailing into Cooktown's harbor near the mouth of the Endeavour River. Photo by John Hill.

On August 26, 1768, Captain James Cook left a port in England on board the HMS Endeavour. The explorer and his crew sailed west, around Cape Horn (South America), on to New Zealand and Australia.

Our 'Today's Tune', Gavin Sutherland's "Sailing" (1972), gives the listener a good idea of how James Cook and his crew members must have been feeling by the time they headed toward home, after such an incredibly long time away.

The song title connects with our story for an obvious reason, but the performer does as well. Cook was the son of a Scottish farm laborer, and the featured singer covering the song is Scotland's most popular singer of all time, Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart - "Sailing" 1975 Original Recording

Rod Stewart - "Sailing" 1975 Audio with Slide Show

Rod Stewart - "Sailing" Live 2004
'One Night Only! Rod Stewart Live At Royal Albert Hall'

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