May 17, 2011

Today's Tune: Liza Minnelli Sings 'Cabaret' Song
"Maybe This Time"

Happy Birthday Craig Ferguson! Born in Glasgow, Scotland on May 17, 1962, the comedian, actor and talk show host's most notable work has been in the United States. Ferguson became a US citizen in 2008.

British comedy films 'Saving Grace' (2000) and 'I'll Be There' (2003), both co-written by and starring Craig Ferguson are probably among his acting role movies that are viewed the most. His time working in television, with The Drew Carey Show (1996 - 2004) and his current talk show host job on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (2005 - present), have most likely been his best received efforts overall.

Craig Ferguson - 'A Wee Bit O' Revolution'

For the source of our 'Today's Tune' inspiration however, we go back to the period of September 1995 to February 1996, when Craig Ferguson starred alongside Betty White and Marie Osmond in the American TV comedy Maybe This Time. Although I'd completely forgotten about this show, I'm pretty sure I watched some of it.

Maybe This Time - "Beasy Body" (October 28, 1995) Clip
Cloris Leachman guest stars as Grandma Beasy.

My selection of music that relates to that bit of Craigy, is also titled "Maybe This Time". The song is from the 1972 film version of 'Cabaret', and is sung by Liza Minnelli. The tune replaced one of the omitted pieces from the original 1966 Broadway musical 'Cabaret', on which it was loosely based.

Liza Minnelli - "Maybe This Time" 1972 Sountrack

Here is a link to the non-embeddable actual movie clip.

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