March 30, 2011

Today's Tune: "Bye Bye Love" And "Final Frontier"

Photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images (2008)

Happy Birthday Paul Reiser! American comedian, actor, writer and musician, Reiser turns 54 years old today. His big acting break came way back in 1982, when he appeared in the Barry Levinson comedy-drama film, Diner.

Paul has a new half-hour sitcom called The Paul Reiser Show slated to air on NBC starting April 14, 2011, as a midseason replacement for Perfect Couples. This 'Today's Tune' double bill includes two tracks linked by two produtions that entertained us between the Levinson movie and the upcoming small screen venture.

Reiser acted alongside several popular stars in the 1995 comedy-drama 'Bye Bye, Love'. Appropriately, our first tune "Bye Bye Love" (1978) is supplied by The Cars. The second, "Final Frontier" was written by Reiser and Don Was for his TV comedy mega-hit (with Helen Hunt), Mad About You (1992 - 1999). Andrew Gold sang the original version, which was used as the show's theme song from 1992 to half way through the 1997 season, when a new version (called "Mad About You – The Final Frontier") performed by Anita Baker (Paul and Anita live clip) took it's place. The original version was used as a wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996. I'm not sure who it was suppossed to wake up, but Gold's voice is probably the first to have been emitted on the surface of Mars.

The Cars - "Bye Bye Love" Live January 13, 1979

Andrew Gold - "Final Frontier" (1992)

Mad About You - "Giblets For Murray" Season 3 / Episode 8
Minisode - Full version first aired November 17, 1994

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