September 24, 2009

Today's Tune: "House Of Broken Love" By US Band Great White

Great White Spot image captured by Hubble Space Telescope December 1, 1994.

A Great White Spot of the planet Saturn, is similar to the atmospheric storm known as the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. However, instead of being a constant and instantly recognizable feature, this is actually a case of storms that are visible from Earth only on a periodic basis. They can usually be seen through a telescope approximately every 28 and a half years on average, while the Northern hemisphere of the planet is tilted most toward our Sun. These spots are sometimes as much as several thousands of kilometers wide. One such occurrence of one of the spots being observed, happened on September 24, 1990, and lasted through November of that year.

That makes this 'Today's Tune' post as good a spot as any, to weather the song "House Of Broken Love" by the American rock band known as Great White.

Great White - "House Of Broken Love" (Full length version)

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