May 16, 2009

"The Song Is Over" And Now I'm "Nothin' But Blue"

How do I break the news to those poor unsuspecting sheep?
They're still Rock'n The Red!

The Washington Capitals did not make it to the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs . They made it to Game 7 of the Semifinals, but lost in that game on Wednesday night, thus ending their post season run.

The Capitals had a glorious 2008-2009 season, and we should praise them for getting to the second round of the playoffs. They went twice as far as last year. Washington was much improved and will continue to get better, even in the off season. You can be sure that Vice President and General Manager George McPhee and the scouting staff are continuously working on making the team better. Chairman and Majority Owner Ted Leonsis, as well as the rest of the Capitals organization, want to win the Stanley Cup just as much as the team's fans do.

This year, more than ever, I'm anxious for the 2009 Entry Draft, trades and free agency possibilities, resignings and everything that goes on before the next season starts. But for now, "The Song Is Over" and I'm "Nothin' But Blue".

The Who - "The Song Is Over"

Brian May - "Nothin' But Blue"

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