September 27, 2008

Which Are More Cute, Pigs Or Cows?

Which are more cute, pigs or cows? I don't know, but they're both mighty tasty. Apparently, "Johnny Law" feels that pigs are more cute (Ironic, huh?), at least in Upperco, MD.

I only ask which are more cute, because that seems to be the scale society usually uses to decide whether or not to protect a certain species. "Johnny Law", or at least Baltimore County health officials, are concerned about "Pig Mud Wrestling" events that are scheduled to take place at Spring Meadow Farms on Saturdays through the month of October.

Photo by Richard Bartz

I understand why someone would be concerned about the treatment of the animals. I don't like the wrestling idea, myself. But, if you're going to allow bulls to be wrestled down and tied up during rodeos at the State Fair, you can't rightfully disallow pigs being treated in a similar way.

This matter was brought to my attention via an article titled "Md. Farm Owner Plans Pig Mud Wrestling Event" at . Click here for the video version of the report.


Kameron D Kiggins said...

You're correct: there's a double standard when it comes to animal treatment. People who get outraged over cruelty to dogs don't see any problem with cruelty to cows (or pigs, chickens, turkeys...)

Not that I'm any different: I eat meat, but I'd rather not think about the contradictions.

Dan, Jr. said...

I don't think anyone should feel guilty about eating animals unless they are an endangered species. Torturing or tormenting live animals is very different. To me, hunting them and killing them purely for "sport", is downright cruel and inhuman.

My niece (Elyse) is a farmer, who raises both pigs and cows. I sent her a link via E-Mail. She did respond, but since she sent me her feelings by way of E-Mail, I don't feel I've the right to post that to this comments section. It's funny how family members don't seem to understand this whole blogging thing.


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