July 15, 2008

"Hey, Big Guy"

AP Photo of Gordon Jump

My teenage daughter has started referring to me as "Big Guy". What does this mean? Why "Big Guy"? I'm not seriously tall. With normal shoes on, I'm exactly 6'0". That's not that tall. Could she be referring to how wide I am? Maybe she's easing toward calling me "Wide Load". Nah, it just has to do with how important I am to her. You know, being her father and all. Shit! She's a teenager, so that sure can't be it. She's never watched a single episode of WKRP In Cincinnati, and I don't look anything like Gordon Jump's character Arthur Carlson, a.k.a. "The Big Guy". It remains a mystery.

WKRP In Cincinnati (Season 1 / Episode 3) - "Les On A Ledge"

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