July 21, 2008

Alice Cooper's "Along Came A Spider" Bites USA July 29th

Alice Cooper is returning to his dark side on July 29th (USA) with a new album called 'Along Came A Spider' . This new album brings back the horror movie sounds that made us love him in the 1970's and 1980's. Real music and intelligent lyrics, twisted though they might be, are all over this release. As famous DJ Dr. Johnny Fever would say ... "Nice 'n Weird".

Alice is currently doing some European dates on his '2008 Psycho Drama Tour', with some North American stops between July 31st and October 31st. Sadly, none in the Hershey, PA / Baltimore, MD / Washington, DC area. So, no decapitations or hangings on any local stages around here. Hopefully his macabre theatre will be back here soon. As the horror movie master Vincent Price said in the 1975 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (link = TV special version) song "The Black Widow", ... "She is Delicious!"

If you're unsure about buying this latest spider/killer themed CD or tickets for the concert (if he comes to your area), don't fret. You can check out the entire 11 song album on the player provided at the Alice Cooper MySpace. Some video, ads, etc. are available at AliceCooper.com and at Alice's YouTube channel. Go on, get bitten now!

'Along Came A Spider' Album Trailer 1

'Along Came A Spider' Album Trailer 2

'Along Came A Spider' Album Trailer 3
(a.k.a. 'Psycho' Version)


Kameron D Kiggins said...

Interesting! Apart from Billion Dollar Babies, I'm not a huge Alice Cooper fan, but I kinda like a lot of what he does. And it's great that he's still doing it after, what, 40 years?

Dan, Jr. said...

Thanks for stopping by Kameron. 'Billion Dollar Babies' was my introduction to Alice, and I love that album. I also love the three albums before that one - 'Love It To Death', 'Schools Out' and especially 'Killers'. The two albums after 'BDB's' - 'Muscle Of Love' and first solo album 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (must have) are great too.

He has been around for a long time, and is still well respected among most musicians, as well as people who have had to fight alcoholism.


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