December 1, 2007

In The Beginning.....

Hello & welcome to my blog - Junior's Eyes.

I decided to do this blog for a few reasons. I was in need of an outlet for my thoughts & views on things going on in this world. Lately, I've found that most of what I'm reading are blogs. There are many bloggers who have devoted a lot of time & passion into writing about what they know & how they feel about the things they find important in their lives. I'm hoping to do the same here.

Most bloggers write the majority of their posts about one subject. Some write about whatever they find interesting, no matter what that is on any given day. My blog will also include different subjects. The majority of the posts at Junior's Eyes will involve Hockey (mostly the Washington Capitals of the NHL), Music (mostly Queen, Black Sabbath & other Classic Rock), Humor & Science (Fact & Fiction). Some Local & World News will be covered from time to time, but I'm not planning on spending very much time being serious. I like a laugh.

My main objectives include bringing something interesting & enjoyable to you on a fairly regular basis. I hope to see a lot of interaction between myself & any readers that care to do so. Probably the best things about doing this through a blog are that you don't actually have to see the hideous fool on this end & you can always get away with just one click.Well, read on! I hope you enjoy it.

Dan, Jr.

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