December 1, 2007

Every Picture Tells A Story.....Don't It?

My younger sister recently sent me the a collection of pictures. I added captions to represent how this season has gone so far for the Washington Capitals.

Most of the Capitals organization must have felt like this little girl,
Slip-sliding downward toward certain doom.

Coach Hanlon, Ovechkin or Kolzig trying to carry the Capitals to the Playoffs, and just getting pissed on by some of the players.

The Caps must have felt like this little boy (flying high)
after starting the season 3 & 0.

Player of your choice crying like a baby & just wanting to be held.

During his last game as Head Coach, Hanlon turned toward the booing/chanting crowd & yelled "Bite Me"!

That Ovechkin kid has Superstar written all over him.

Verizon Center crew member trying to find better ice.

... To be continued.

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