March 17, 2013

Today's Tune: "Are You Ready" By Thin Lizzy

Scott Gorham playing guitar solo on stage with Thin Lizzy.
Photo © Scott Uchida / Thin Lizzy

Happy Birthday to Scott Gorham! Born on March 17, 1951, Gorham is an American (US) guitarist and songwriter, and is best known for his time with the classic rock band Thin Lizzy. Therefore, our Today's Tune for today comes from that group's lengthy and great catalog.

Scott Gorham was not a founding member of Thin Lizzy, but he has spent as much time with them as most. He is also more connected with them, and was one of their biggest creative parts, during some of their most creative periods.

Other artists and bands with which Gorham participated with over the years include Pat Travers, Supertramp, Asia and Rollins Band. Coming up in a couple months, he will be associating with yet another band, sort of.

A new rock band named Black Star Riders, which is really the current Thin Lizzy members under a different name, are scheduled to release their debut album in May 2013. 'All Hell Breaks Loose' will contain material that had originally been considered for inclusion as new Thin Lizzy product.

For the Today's Tune, I've chosen a Thin Lizzy track titled "Are You Ready". Yes, it is a question. I don't know why bands and record companies have some sort of aversion to using a question mark (?), or other proper punctuation, but there it is. By the way, I'm not claiming to be perfect, myself. This is a good, rocking track, so please enjoy.

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