February 5, 2013

Today's Tune: "Rise Brother Rise"
By Soulnaturals Featuring Lotus D

Ray Lewis brings trophy into home stadium rally, after parade - Baltimore, MD February 5, 2013.
Photo © Baltimore Ravens.

Lately, I've been getting into a lot of Soul and R & B music. More particularly, I have been checking out artists and bands within these genres of music, that are of British origin. One of my favorite British groups to listen to right now are the Soulnaturals, especially when featuring singer Lotus D at the lead. Read on to find out why they were chosen for this 'Today's Tune' post, here at Junior's Eyes.

I live in an area near Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. Therefore, it's impossible for me to not be aware of the Baltimore Ravens, our local NFL team. I would have to describe myself as being an extremely casual fan of American football, at least until my local team gets into the playoffs. Of course, I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Obviously, I was rooting for the Ravens. Defenseman Ray Lewis has been one of the team's most respected leaders, and the incredibly popular player had announced weeks ago he was to retire after this season. So for that and many other reasons, I was very hopeful that he and the Ravens could go all the way, and win Super Bowl XLVII. I was so glad that they did win, and are now the Super Bowl champions, for a second time. See Ray's tweet from the plane ride home. It was fun to see who else was joining in, and showing interest, too.

For me, the song that kept coming to mind during the playoffs and championship game, was "Rise Brother Rise". It's the latest single by the Soulnaturals, featuring Lotus D, and it's our chosen track for this 'Today's Tune'. Their London, England recording label, British Soul Standard, even chimed in on the Superbowl via Twitter.

I tweeted the audio shortly before the game. Yes, I'm on the Twitter, now! Anyway, here it is, followed by the official video.

Soulnaturals Featuring Lotus D - "Rise Brother Rise"

Ray Lewis does his game day dance at home stadium rally, after parade - Baltimore, MD February 5, 2013.

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