May 7, 2012

Today's Tune: "Rock Out" By Motörhead

This is one of those dual purpose 'Today's Tune' installments. It's yet another Hockey Music post, as well as celebrating a rock 'n roller's birthday.

Back in New York for an Eastern Conference Semifinal Game 5 tonight, the Washington Capitals are looking to move ahead of the New York Rangers. They return after having alternated victories, first in New York and then in Washington, DC, putting them in a 2 - 2 tie in the playoff series.

Hopefully, we'll be celebrating a Caps win tonight. In the meantime, happy birthday to Welsh guitarist Phil Campbell! Campbell has been playing lead guitar in the iconic group Motörhead since 1984.

To set the right mood, Junior's Eyes happily presents the song "Rock Out", from the 2008 album - Motörizer.

Motörhead - "Rock Out" (2008)

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