May 12, 2012

Today's Tune: "(I'm Not) Born To Lose"
By Black Sabbath

This is what I want to see after Game 7 on May 12, 2012!
Photo by Bruce Bennett / Getty Images after Game 2 win on April 30, 2012.

There is a song that has played in my head many times since my NHL team, the Washington Capitals, made it into the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I think it fits the frame of mind that this team has right now, and I feel it too.

It's a Black Sabbath track titled "(I'm Not) Born To Lose" (1987). Clearly, the confidence and persistence that the Capitals have shown throughout the first two rounds, are proof that they are ready to win. They need one more (Game 7) win tonight against the New York Rangers to move on to round three, the Eastern Conference Finals. To have a chance at doing it, all they have to do is keep doing what they've been doing, and work together as a team.

Please enjoy this Hockey Music styled 'Today's Tune'. Dan, Jr., of Junior's Eyes, is anticipating that there are many more to come, yet.

Let's Go, Caps!

Black Sabbath - "(I'm Not) Born To Lose" (1987)

Black Sabbath - "(I'm Not) Born To Lose" Live (1987) Audio

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