April 21, 2012

Today's Tune: "Back In Business" By AC/DC

There are a couple reasons for the 'Today's Tune' song selection posted on Junior's Eyes today. They both have to do with my favorite NHL hockey team, the Washington Capitals.

After falling behind the Boston Bruins 2 - 1 in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Capitals evened up the series (2-2) by winning Game 4 on Thursday. They did this without their number one center Nicklas Backstrom, due to his one-game suspension for a crosscheck.

Everything is new, evened up, reset. The Washington Capitals play Game 5 this afternoon (3:00 PM EDT), and Backstrom is back in too.

This 1985 track, by AC/DC, really fits the situation these guys are in tonight. Nicklas Backstrom and the Capitals are definitely "Back In Business" again.

"Breaking out, about to shout
Feel the need, for one more round..."

AC/DC - "Back In Business" (1985)
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"...Call me dirty, trash my name
Just tell the boys that I'm gonna be
Back in business again!..."

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