April 19, 2012

Message To Braden Holtby, Via Today's Tune:
"Get It Up" By Aerosmith

I would like to send a friendly message to Braden Holtby, goaltender for the Washington Capitals. "Get It Up" is a song by Aerosmith, and it's also what you need to do with your glove, before an opponent takes a shot on your net.

Congratulations, for gaining the honor of playing goalie in the NHL's 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I'm very happy for you, and you're doing great. Fantastic, in fact.

However, I couldn't help but notice that on both of the game winning goals (Game 1 and Game 3) by the Boston Bruins, you didn't put your glove up until the puck was sailing by you. You actually moved it downward just before the deflected one in Game 3. The goaltending coaches have probably already pointed this out to you, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of it. You may have had a better chance at catching or blocking those shots, holding the glove up.

I'll be cheering for you tonight, and deep into the playoffs, I'm sure. You've got a great style of playing, and you are destined to have a successful NHL career.

"Get It Up" originally appeared on Aerosmith's album 'Draw The Line', released on December 1st of 1977. It was later put out as a single in 1978. The band Aerosmith are also originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area.

"...Can't give it up
Gotta get it up, get it up..."

Aerosmith - "Get It Up" Live (Very Rare)
Dec 22, 1977 at Capital Centre in Landover (Largo), MD

Aerosmith - "Get It Up" (1977)

"...Can't give it up
Gotta get it up, get it up..."

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