January 31, 2012

Junior's Reading And Viewing List:
December 22 - 31, 2011

Last Update - January 31, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST

Junior's Eyes' 'Reading And Viewing List' for December 22 through December 31, 2011 has linked titles and snippets from things that hit the web at the end of December 2011.

Film, television, music, Washington Capitals hockey, Formula One racing and WRC rally news stories are in this post.

December 31, 2011

POSTGAME NOTEBOOK: Capitals 4, Blue Jackets 2
By Mike Vogel - Senior Writer at WashingtonCaps.com

Four Score – The first 40 minutes of Friday night’s game between the Capitals and the Columbus Blue Jackets weren’t the most scintillating two periods of hockey anyone has ever seen. For most of that span, it looked like the Caps and their foe might play 40 minutes of scoreless hockey to start the game for just the third time in 37 games this season...

George McPhee says Evgeny Kuznetsov should be in NHL
in 2012-13

By Katie Carrera at Washington Post's Capitals Insider

Evgeny Kuznetsov is the most highly touted prospect in the Capitals’ system and if General Manager George McPhee has his way the young Russian will be playing in the NHL in the 2012-13 season...

The Decoy Bride: US Theatrical and Cable Dates
Posted at David Tennant - News Updates

It seems that American audiences will get a chance to view David Tennant's romantic comedy The Decoy Bride after all as US cable provider IFC has indicated that the film will be available on demand through its cable service from 3rd February 2012. The promotional poster also advertises the film's arrival in US cinemas on 9th March 2012...

December 30, 2011

POSTGAME NOTEBOOK: Capitals 3, Sabres 1
By Mike Vogel - Senior Writer at WashingtonCaps.com

...Tonight, the Caps turned that same trick on the Sabres, taking the earliest lead they’ve taken in any game this season and holding it for the rest of the night. The result was a hard-earned 3-1 victory for the Capitals, who have not trailed at any point in their last three home games...

Top Ten Stories of 2011 -- Number 7: "Deadline Deals"
By The Peerless at The Peerless Prognosticator

...February is a nervous month for NHL teams and NHL players. Sure, teams are jockeying for playoff position, but it is also a time of year when some players start to wonder whether they will be in a new city come the new month. February is the month in which the NHL trading deadline takes place...

2011 - The Year In Dwarf
Posted at Red Dwarf (Official Website)

We look back over the year that brought us a new series of Red Dwarf.

Sometimes a year can start out seeming like a quiet and uneventful one, yet by the end become destined to be remembered as genuinely significant. Such was the case for 2011 and Red Dwarf, where the early months gave little hint as to manner in which the series would explode back into the public consciousness in the second half. Join us now as we take a trip back through the last twelve months of Dwarf news...

Voice Of The Number Of The Beast Dies
By mdome at Classic Rock

Barry Clayton, the man who did the classic spoken intro to Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast, has dies at the age of 80...

December 29, 2011

...and F the Polar Bear!
Posted at Passive-Aggressive Notes

Jess in St. Louis says this dumpster “is definitely a manifestation of the microcosm of American value clashes that is my block.” Adds Jess: “Hopefully we can all survive the cardboard waste of Christmas in one piece.”...

December 28, 2011

POSTGAME NOTEBOOK: Capitals 4, Rangers 1
By Mike Vogel - Senior Writer at WashingtonCaps.com

Taking Down The Top Dog – Since opening the season with seven straight wins, the Washington Capitals have been in one-step-forward, one-and-a-half-steps-backward mode. With their 4-1 win over the Eastern Conference-leading New York Rangers at Verizon Center on Wednesday night, the Caps have taken another of those steps forward...

Happy Birthday, Stan Lee: Saluting The Marvel Icon
By Jeremy Gordon at MTV's Splash Page

...At an age when most are comfortably retired, Lee continues to stick around in the public eye. Just last year, he hosted a History Channel documentary series, “Stan Lee’s Superheroes”. He continues to show up in every Marvel movie, even though the rights are spread across a handful of studios. Exclusive intellectual property rights don’t hold a candle to being Stan the Man, the guy who started it all...

The Greatest Show In The Galaxy
Posted by Brian at EveMyles.net

Eve Myles has been confirmed for The Greatest Show In The Galaxy con, which will take place on 12th-13th May, 2012 at the East of England Showground Exhibition Hall in Peterborough...

*Dan, Jr. / Junior's Eyes Note: Confirmed guests also include Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Janet Fielding, John Levene, Deborah Watling, Paul McGann, Naoko Mori, Ian McNeice, etc.

2011 In Review: Doctor Who
By Clint Hassell at Doctor Who TV

...Series 6 reset the premise of the show. Returned to relative obscurity, the Doctor has truly become “Doctor who?” This epic change allows the next several series to feature stories about a universe (re)discovering the Doctor, giving the viewing audience a chance to fall in love again with the Time Lord...

New Deep Purple Compilation
By mdome at Classic Rock

...It’s to be called Icon, and is part of a series of compilations from major artists being released by the label under this banner. The track listing is...

December 27, 2011

2011 In Review: Torchwood
By Clint Hassell at Doctor Who TV

...Executive producer Russell T Davies has stated that Miracle Day wouldn’t have been produced without the involvement of U.S. subscription channel Starz. Despite Children of Earth’s success, the BBC was unwilling to completely finance another series of Torchwood. Two-thirds of the budget came not from the BBC, but from Starz...

Van Halen Release Tour Video Clip
By mdome at Classic Rock

...The video was shot at The Roxy on Sunset Strip. Now, it’s been revealed that the band have been secretly rehearsing there two or three times a week for the past two months, starting at a non-rock ‘n’ roll time of 10am! The only audience they had were people working at the famous club...

Ronnie Dio Autobiography Set For 2013
By mdome at Classic Rock

...Dio’s widow Wendy (who has taken on the task of finishing the book revealed that she will deliver the completed work on January 15, and it will be published by MTV Books in autumn 2013...

December 26, 2011

POSTGAME NOTEBOOK: Sabres 4, Capitals 2
By Mike Vogel - Senior Writer at WashingtonCaps.com

House Of Horrors – Washington’s two visits to Buffalo’s First Niagara Center came exactly a month apart, and neither of them went well at all...

December 25, 2011

Nerdist Podcast: David Tennant
Posted at Nerdist

Yes! The 10th Doctor himself, David Tennant, in a sit down chat with Chris in a very posh English library! This is the full unedited audio from the segment on the Nerdist TV show (originally aired 12/24 on BBC America, probably available on iTunes now). Chris and David chat about Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Incredible Hulk, and working shirtless. PLUS! MANY fan questions answered. He was nine kinds of awesome. You asked for him (so did I)! Here he is! Now enjoy this Scottish burrito (which sounds like a filthy sex-thing but it isn’t)!...

December 24, 2011

New Xmas Special Clip
Posted at Doctor Who TV

The Christmas edition of The Graham Norton Show featured a new clip from The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Note: the rest of the interview is included, but if you just want to see the clip, skip to 02:35 on the video...

December 23, 2011

POSTGAME NOTEBOOK: Devils 4, Capitals 3, SO
By Mike Vogel - Senior Writer at WashingtonCaps.com

Point Taken – Jason Chimera scored twice and Brooks Laich once in the third period on Friday to help the Capitals claw their way to a standings point. Washington ultimately fell 4-3 to the Devils in New Jersey in a game decided by a post-overtime skills competition...

New Beginnings
Posted at Red Dwarf (Official Website)

Report: the first live audience recording in thirteen years...

It's a cold Friday night in December, on a studio lot in the grounds of an old manor house six miles or so south of Heathrow. Three hundred people are crammed into the rows of seating that line one wall of the warehouse-sized Studio K. They're watching a man in a blue tunic with a letter "H" glued to his forehead bossing around another man with a rubber mask and a funny walk. And they're laughing. A lot...

Christmas 2011 Q&A Session
Posted at Doctor Who TV

The BBC has today uploaded segments from the question and answer session from the press screening of The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Host Richard Bacon talks to Steven Moffat and Matt Smith...

Clip: Smith on Gillan leaving
Posted at Doctor Who TV

Below is another clip from tonight’s festive edition of The Graham Norton Show featuring Matt Smith. In this one, Matt talks about Karen Gillan leaving Doctor Who... and then shows off his football skills...

Merry Christmas from Formula1.com
Posted at Formula1.com

From start to finish, 2011 belonged to Red Bull and, more specifically, to Sebastian Vettel. The Austrian team's RB7 was far and away the class of the field and Vettel was poised, precise and practically perfect, claiming 11 victories as he successfully defended his drivers' crown...

Loeb excited ahead of Monte return
Posted at WRC.com

Sebastien Loeb says he is relishing starting his bid for his ninth World Rally Championship title on Rallye Monte-Carlo...

December 22, 2011

Capitals Lunchbox, Season 2, Episode 10
Posted by J.P. at Japers' Rink

In which Brian McNally, Kellie Cowan and I talk about line juggling, Mike Knuble, goaltending, holiday wishlists, and a lot more. Dig it.

Clip: Smith on Graham Norton
Posted at Doctor Who TV

The BBC have released a short clip from the Christmas edition of The Graham Norton Show featuring guest star Matt Smith. In it, Smith (and Gillian Anderson) tell Norton about Comic Con and over-excitable fans...

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