August 15, 2011

Junior's Reading And Viewing List:
July 22 - 31, 2011

Last Update - August 15, 2011 at 5:13 AM EDT

Title links with article sample snippets, for items published around the web at the end of July 2011, are compiled below. Welcome to Junior's 'Reading And Viewing List' for July 22 through July 31, 2011.

Current as well as upcoming films, television programs, Washington Capitals hockey, music, Formula One racing and WRC rally news are are covered here.

July 31, 2011

Watch: 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith at Comic-Con
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

Time for the third and final "Doctor Who" video interview I conducted at Comic-Con, this time with the Doctor himself, Matt Smith...

Watch: 'Doctor Who' co-star Karen Gillan at Comic-Con
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

Time for the second of the three "Doctor Who" video interviews I conducted at Comic-Con, this time with co-star Karen Gillan...

Watch: 'Doctor Who' writer Toby Whithouse at Comic-Con
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

...Steven Moffat couldn't make it to Comic-Con (though he did come to press tour, and that much longer interview will be published closer to the show's August 27 return), so Whithouse came as a representative of the show's writers. As the creator of the British "Being Human," he's a Comic-Con veteran by now, but still seemed terribly excited to be here with this show, as he (like most of the writers) grew up as a fan...

July 30, 2011

Freddie Mercury - Queen Members To Dress As Freddie Mercury article linked at (Facebook)

...They will be joined by fans of the singer worldwide who will dress up as their hero - who died of complications related to AIDS in 1991 - competing to be the most outrageous, with prizes awarded for the "most creative Freddie outfits in the most unusual venues".

Funds raised by fans' efforts will go to support Trustees of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which fights against AIDS across the world...

July 29, 2011

Review: 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' - 'Escape to LA':
Baby, we're the same

By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

...First, it's allegedly one continuous story, but Russell T. Davies doesn't have quite enough material to fill out the long running time, so we get these weird self-contained missions and one-shot villains, like Dichen Lachmann on the plane in episode 2 and C. Thomas Howell disrupting the computer caper here...

Press tour: Kelsey Grammer gets serious with Starz's 'Boss'
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

..."I didn't start out as a comic actor," the "Cheers" and "Frasier" star explained at a press conference for his new Starz drama "Boss" (premiere date TBD), in which he plays the scheming mayor of Chicago. "I started out as a classical theater actor playing tragedies. This particular role probably couldn't have taken place right after 'Frasier' - probably would have been too big a jolt."...

'Avengers' Teaser: Behold Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
Posted by Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

So, the "Avengers" teaser is officially online, though it's only a tease of a teaser, and you've got to spoil the ending of "Captain America" for yourself in order to see it (assuming you haven't seen "The First Avenger" yet, that is). You could always skip to the teaser's 34 second mark to get straight to the footage from Joss Whedon's superhero flick, but even then, you'll have to pause a lot to get a good look at Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes
Posted at

Lewis Hamilton made the most of his quick-running McLaren to set the practice pace in Budapest on Friday, leading both sessions on the timesheets. All 24 drivers and senior team personnel report on the opening day of action at the Hungaroring...

Five Reasons To See 'Cowboys & Aliens'
Posted by Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

"Cowboys & Aliens" gallops into theaters this weekend chased by an armada of gold seeking monsters from space. On the surface, all the ingredients are in place for an all-out wall-to-wall actioner for the books: the director of "Iron Man", the stars of "James Bond" and "Indiana Jones", and a seemingly impossible mash-up of genres. Nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?

Make no mistake, there's a lot to juggle in "Cowboys", and Jon Favreau's task is not an enviable one — so how did he hold up under the pressure? Your mileage may vary, but for this movies writer, I walked away quite pleased with the wild, wild west's suddenly slick space-born sheen...

*Dan, Jr. / Junior's Eyes Note: Contains 6 videos (5 interviews,
1 trailer).

July 28, 2011

Chris Hemsworth Is 'Disappointed' That Kenneth Branagh
Isn't Directing 'Thor 2'

By Terri Schwartz at MTV's Splash Page

"I'm really disappointed."

Chris Hemsworth summarizes the sadness we all feel about Kenneth Branagh's decision not to return for "Thor 2" in his recent interview with The Los Angeles Times. The newspaper caught up with the "Thor" at Comic-Con, and Hemsworth seemed legitimately upset about the fact he'd be taking the trip back to Asgard without his familiar director...

Press tour: 'Doctor Who' panel live-blog
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

I live-blogged the "Doctor Who" panel at Comic-Con, so why not go for a two-fer with today's press tour session? I suspect the critics will ask different questions from the fans - though most of us are arguably both - and if nothing else, we'll have showrunner Steven Moffat on the stage (along with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and producers Piers Wenger and Beth Willis), who may be able to say more than staff writer Toby Whithouse could in San Diego...

FIA Thursday press conference - Hungary
Posted at

Drivers - Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso), Jenson Button (McLaren), Heikki Kovalainen (Team Lotus), Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Mark Webber (Red Bull)...

Hungary preview - rivals predict Red Bull renaissance
Posted at

Ironically, after Red Bull team boss Christian Horner described the German Grand Prix as a 'wake-up call', neither McLaren nor Ferrari, winners of the last two races, are expecting to beat them in Hungary this weekend. Well, not unless the weather intervenes...

July 27, 2011

New Dio Career Compilation
By Joe Siegler at Black Sabbath Online

...Universal is set to hopefully draw some attention to the wide ranging career of Ronnie James Dio with a new compilation due on August 8th, called "Mightier Than the Sword: The Ronnie James Dio Story". This two disc career spanning retrospective culls tracks from as far back as one of the Elf albums from 1974, going through Rainbow in the latter 70?s, and then the back and forth dance between "Dio" and Black Sabbath in the 80?s, 90?s, & 00?s...

Finland preview notes: Part two
Posted at

This is a summary of how the main contenders have prepared and what some of the leading drivers have had to say in the build-up...

July 26, 2011

Home hero Hirvonen out to reignite title bid
Posted at

Mikko Hirvonen starts Neste Oil Rally Finland on Thursday knowing that victory will be vital in his bid to win the World Rally Championship for the first time...

Finland preview notes: Part one
Posted at

The 2011 World Rally Championship is back from its summer break with the super-fast Neste Oil Rally Finland...

July 25, 2011

'Captain America' 101: The Comics Behind The Movie
By Matt Adler at MTV's Splash Page

"Captain America: The First Avenger" made its star-spangled debut in theaters this past weekend, completing the introduction of the characters who will form the core of next year’s "Avengers". Like Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor before him, Captain America hails from a long comic tradition, but in his case, that history stretches back a full seven decades to the early years of the Second World War, giving those working on the film an even deeper well of stories to draw upon...

High Voltage: Day Two
By mdome at Classic Rock

...If only the same were true of Michael Schenker on the Main Stage. He starts well enough, with Into The Arena and Armed & Ready, and one hopes these would be harbinger of a set predicated on classic MSG. Instead, we get two songs from an album not even released as yet, plus Scorpions and UFO tracks. Now, one from each of those bands would have been expected and more than acceptable. But big brother Rudy is on stage, so we get Another Piece Of Meat (fair enough) and Rock You Like A Hurricane, despite Michael having nothing to do with the latter. OK, his drummer today is Herman Rarebell, who is on the Scorpions original. But this is billed as Michael Schenker, not Schenker/Rarebell. We also get Pete Way dancing on for the UFO interlude, and Doogie White stepping out to sing one of the new tunes. All a bit messy, and Michael Schenker’s guitar is often lost in the mix...

High Voltage: Day One
By Richard Thompson - Posted by gbarton at Classic Rock

...Kicking off the party at the other end of the arena, Michael Monroe thinks nothing of climbing the Main Stage rig during a chaotic and lively Nothing’s Alright, before swinging from it halfway up. What’s concerning to some is not his safety but the sound issues which unfortunately dog the Main Stage throughout the day until headliners Judas Priest rev up the amps...

Latvala to celebrate 100 WRC starts in Finland
Posted at

...The 26-year-old, who won the high-speed gravel spectacular for the first time last season, becomes the youngest driver in the history of the WRC to reach the milestone...

Hungary preview quotes - Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren,
Renault & more

Posted at

Hot on the heels of the Nurburgring, the teams head straight to Budapest for this weekend's Hungarian event, the last race before the Formula One community takes a well-earned summer break. Drivers and senior team personnel discuss their prospects for the Hungaroring...

July 24, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: 'Doctor Who' panel live-blog
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

Seated in a packed Hall H on the last day of Comic-Con for the "Doctor Who" panel, which will feature Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and writer Toby Whithouse...

July 23, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Rodriguez-Led Tour
Of Frank Frazetta's Artwork

By Eric Ditzian at MTV's Splash Page

...Just hours after the panel, Rodriguez invited us into the Hard Rock to give us an exclusive look at some of Frazetta's work and the Frazetta-inspired films he wants to make in the future. He showed us a painting titled "Conan the Barbarian", a 1966 work that established the iconic look of the sword-swinging hero. He dove into a depiction of "Death Dealer", a character around which he wants to make a future movie. And he revealed that "Silver Warriors" inspired the poster he put together for "Predators"...

July 22, 2011

'Spider-Man' Villain Rhys Ifans Sees 'Moral' Bond
Between Lizard And Spidey

By Terri Schwartz at MTV's Splash Page

Some of the most exciting news to come out of the Entertainment Weekly cover story on "The Amazing Spider-Man" was word that Rhys Ifans will be definitely be playing Dr. Curt Connors (otherwise known as the villain Lizard). So now that his identity is out there in the world, Ifans is ready to talk about it...

Judas Priest Homecoming Show
Posted at Home Of Metal

On Thursday 21st July the Home of Metal Team went to see Judas Priest at Wolverhampton Civic as they returned to the Midlands for their HOMECOMING gig as part of their worldwide Epitaph tour...

'Captain America': Five 'First Avenger' Easter Eggs
By Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

"Captain America: The First Avenger" puts the final piece of "The Avengers" puzzle in place for Marvel Studios, and just like its superhero peers, the star-spangled super soldier's big-screen debut contains plenty of secrets and comic book callouts that fans will love... preview: Neste Oil Rally Finland
Posted at

...The World Rally Championship is back from its summer break with the ultimate speed chase, Neste Oil Rally Finland, based in the university city of Jyvaskyla in the centre of the country from 28-30 July...

Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes
Posted at

Mercifully for the neutral fan, Ferrari seemed to have lost none of their Silverstone pace on Friday, as they battled it out with Red Bull for top honours in the two opening practice sessions in Germany. The track was cool and the skies were largely grey, but there was still plenty of action to talk about. The drivers and senior team personnel report on day one at the Nurburgring...

Five Reasons You Need To See 'Captain America:
The First Avenger'

By Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

"Captain America: The First Avenger" is the last of the big four Avengers to throw himself at the big-screen before next summer's major Marvel Studios event, and he doesn't disappoint. If you were worried about how the star-spangled superhero would translate from paneled page to live-action (especially after that '90s-movie-that-must-not-be-referenced-again), worry no more: the movie is great and absolutely worth the wait...

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer: Commentary Track
By Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

The "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer has a lot going on in its two and a half minute run time. So much, in fact, that we here at Splash Page HQ couldn't just keep all of our thoughts to ourselves...

Uriah Heep To Release New Live Album
By mdome at Classic Rock

...It’s called Live In Armenia, and is released by Frontiers Records on September 23. This was recorded during the band’s 40th anniversary tour, when they played in Armenia for the first time.

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