August 30, 2011

Junior's Reading And Viewing List:
August 1 - 10, 2011

Last Update - August 30, 2011 at 5:10 AM EDT

This Junior's 'Reading And Viewing List' is for August 1 through August 10, 2011, and it has the usual linked titles, with snippets of articles. The following items were published via the internet at the start of August 2011.

Films in the making, music industry news, Formula One racing and WRC rally events are among the topics to be found here.

August 10, 2011

Girlschool Re-Record Classic Album
By mdome at Classic Rock

Girlschool are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album Hit And Run by re-recording it...

Jon Lord Battles Cancer
By mdome at Classic Rock

Former Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord has revealed that he’s fighting cancer...

Tyre strategy - Pirelli on perfect planning
Posted at

Tyres - and the ability of a driver to use their tyres well - have always been critical to success or failure in Formula One racing. But it's been especially true this season...

August 9, 2011

Aerosmith Man Undergoes Cancer Surgery
By mdome at Classic Rock

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton has just undergone what’s described as a ‘radical medical procedure’...

August 8, 2011

'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon: Why Heroes Keep Him
Up At Night

By Kara Warner at MTV's Splash Page

It's simply impossible for me to write about Joss Whedon without gushing. He's just so darn likable. And brilliant. And a fellow ginger, so our bond is unbreakable there. I promise to continue gushing about him even if "The Avengers" does not meet the exceedingly high expectations set out for it (which it WILL. I have faith!)...

The Home Of Metal Black Country Weekender Brochure
Posted at Home Of Metal

The Home of Metal Weekender is bursting with events across the Black Country from 1 – 4 September. Including a conference, films, concerts and activities ranging from a silent metal disco to studded wristband making, there’s something for everyone...

In Bed with Chris Needham + Heavy Metal Parking Lot
-September 3rd @ Light House

Posted at Home Of Metal

The Light House - Saturday September 3rd - 8.30pm
Tickets £5.80 / £4.40 concessions - For Bookings call 01902 716055

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

This video documentary short documents Heavy Metal fans taligating in the car park outside the since demolished Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, on May 31st 1986, before a Judas Priest Gig...

*Dan, Jr. / Junior's Eyes Note: I was at that Judas Priest concert, but I don't remember the film crew. Watch the documentary for FREE at SnagFilms.

Alonso not giving up on 2011 title hopes
Posted at

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso may be 89 points adrift of championship leader Sebastian Vettel, but he's adamant there is still plenty of time to turn things around. Speaking at the Italian team's summer press event at Madonna di Campaglio, Alonso insisted he wasn't ruling out title success this year...

Loeb: WRC future decision imminent
Posted at

Sebastien Loeb has revealed that his continued participation in the World Rally Championship could be decided before the next round in Germany...

Tarmac rounds hold no fear for Ford
Posted at

Ford team boss Malcolm Wilson is convinced that his factory squad can register a victory on asphalt this season...

August 7, 2011

Harford Co. Baseball Team Makes It To The Cal Ripken
World Series

Posted at WJZ TV News / CBS Baltimore

...WJZ Eyewitness News met with the 2011 Maryland state champion team — the Hickory Hornets...

*Dan, Jr. / Junior's Eyes Note: Somebody at WJZ got it wrong,
Harford County (MD), not Howard County.

August 6, 2011

QUEEN - Promo Clip Posted For Final Five Album Reissues
Posted at Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

...These five albums cover the era when Queen were elevated to truly legendary status as they stole the show at Live Aid in front of a global TV audience of 1.9 billion people, and wowed audiences with subsequent headline shows at Knebworth and Wembley in 1986, the latter recently voted by the public as one of the most iconic events ever seen at the stadium. This was also Queen’s most consistent period of commercial success with each of the five albums going platinum in the UK and ‘A Kind Of Magic’ and ‘Made In Heaven’ each selling over 1 million copies, the latter doing so four years after Freddie’s death showing that the Queen legacy reigns eternal...

Review: 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' - 'The Categories of Life':
Heat is on

By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

A quick review of tonight's "Torchwood: Miracle Day" - including thoughts on why I'm likely taking this season out of the review rotation going forward...

...I continue to think there are some good basic ideas here, I like what Bill Pullman and Lauren Ambrose are doing as guest stars, but overall, "Miracle Day" has been a pretty big misfire after "Children of Earth" got so much right...

August 5, 2011

Patrick Stewart Holds No 'X-Men: First Class' Grudges
By Travis Helwig at MTV's Splash Page

There’s no bad blood (just mutant blood) between Patrick Stewart and his young replacements in the summer blockbuster "X-Men: First Class." Stewart, who has played Professor Charles Francis Xavier (or just Professor X) in every other "X-Men" film, insists that while he hasn’t sat down to watch it, he’s certainly not holding any sort of grudge.

Queen To Release New DVD Featuring Two Full Wembley Stadium Concerts
Posted at RTT News

(RTTNews) - To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their two-night stand at Wembley Stadium in 1986, Queen is releasing a new DVD, Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium, that features both the July 11 and 12 concerts in their entirety, according to

August 4, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson Offers Avengers Update
Posted at Superhero Hype

Samuel L. Jackson is set to reprise his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Nick Fury in next summer's The Avengers and dropped a few hints to BBC Newsbeat about what fans can expect from his performance...

August 3, 2011

It's My Party
By Brian Lumley at Rumblings From The Man Cave

Well, the Tea Party has rapidly shown that they're nothing new and nothing to get excited about. As little more than a Caucasian-only portion of the Republican Party, although not quite as well-funded or as intelligent as the GOP, they're kind of passe...

Hot Air
By Brian Lumley at Rumblings From The Man Cave

...I'm befuddled, no, stupefied at how ridiculously ignorant our culture is becoming. Every morning I hop on line and attempt to read what's happening in our little patch of real estate and walk away from my laptop with my head shaking from left to right in a slow syncopation of utter disbelief...

Alice Cooper Gets Universal Maze
By mdome at Classic Rock

A special Alice Cooper Maze is being opened by Universal Studios in this for Halloween...

August 2, 2011

'Doctor Strange' Moves Forward, Seeks Directors
By Aubrey Sitterson at MTV's Splash Page

Given Marvel’s recent string of successes in bringing their comics properties to the silver screen, it should come as no surprise that the company is looking to branch out further. With “The Avengers” hitting theaters next summer and Edgar Wright having just turned in a new script for his “Ant-Man” movie, the company has now turned its Eye of Agamotto to none other than Doctor Strange...

To test or not to test - the in-season testing debate unravelled
Posted at

From team principals to drivers, from engineers to fans, Formula One racing is a sport of obsessives. And from the careful construction of a motorhome menu to polishing a car after it's left parc ferme, painstaking preparation is par for the course. It's surprising then to find that in this bastion of minutiae most car upgrades only make it out on track for the first time during Grand Prix weekends...

Novikov vows to come back stronger
Posted at

...Russian Novikov, who was returning to the event for the first time since his spectacular landing from a jump on the Leustu stage in 2009, dropped out on both Friday and Saturday due to technical problems. However, he still said he was able to gain vital stage knowledge at the wheel of the M-Sport Stobart Ford Fiesta RS WRC...

August 1, 2011

Press tour: NBC remakes 'Prime Suspect'
By Alan Sepinwall at What's Alan Watching? via

NBC's "Prime Suspect" likely faced a tougher room from the TCA than they will from audiences this fall, when it airs Thursdays at 10. After all, if you were to do a demographic breakdown of the audience for the original British "Prime Suspect" when it aired on PBS in the '90s, a large chunk of it would be made up of TV critics. The vast majority of viewers sampling the new version, with Maria Bello as an abrasive New York cop battling sexism and her own personal demons, probably have no idea there was an earlier version starring the great Helen Mirren...

*Dan, Jr. / Junior's Eyes Note: Once again, American TV
will do it's best to Fuck Up perfection.

LA Without A Map Competition & Trailer
Posted at David Tennant - Fan News Blog

Thanks to our friends at Yume Pictures we have a great competition to celebrate the release of LA Without A Map on DVD in the UK! (8th August 2011)...

David Introduces Fright Night At Comic Con
Posted at David Tennant - Fan News Blog

Spoiler Pics & Videos From The Dark Knight Rises Set
Posted at Superhero Hype

A crazy amount of pictures and videos hit the web from the Pittsburgh set for The Dark Knight Rises on Sunday. You can view some below featuring Bane, Batman and Miranda Tate (Marion Cottilard) in action and more pics are available at gettyimages...

Slash To Release Live DVD
By mdome at Classic Rock

Slash played at the Victoria Hall in the city where he grew up on Sunday, July 24, playing a set of solo tracks, plus...

By Brian Lumley at Rumblings From The Man Cave

So after giving this entry some thought and attempt to dazzle everyone with my rapier wit and biting electronic pen I've realized that this particular subject doesn't need to be hyperbolized. I want to lay this out fairly flat so even the jaded Fox News viewers can see my point...

Ostberg: the Big Five are in sight
Posted at

Mads Ostberg reckons his performance on Neste Oil Rally Finland last week has proved that he is getting closer to taking on the world championship's Big Five on a regular basis...

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