July 29, 2011

Today's Tune: "Play It Loud" By Saxon

Happy Birthday to Jim Marshall! Marshall was born in Acton, West London, England on July 29, 1923. He is the founder of the company that make Marshall Amps, the biggest name in live music amplifiers.

He had a career as an electrical engineer, but coming from a musically inclined family, also became a singer and drummer. Eventually, he was running his own music store, where he taught drum lessons. He had already made his own PA systems, when guitarists started talking to him about their need for a better amplifier than those available at that time. Jim Marshall began to manufacture more sophisticated amps, and he founded Marshall Amplification in 1962.

To celebrate the birthday of "The Father Of Loud", let's enjoy a tune from a band that's used Marshall stacks for many years. The NWOBHM band Saxon command you to "Play It Loud" (1981), in this 'Today's Tune'.

Saxon - "Play It Loud" (1981)

Saxon - "Play It Loud" Live (1985)

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