July 10, 2011

Today's Tune: "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"
By Mari Wilson

Mari Wilson and her giant beehive hairdo, along with her smooth, comforting voice, make it into today's 'Today's Tune' (Dig the echo!). This happens because I wanted to honor a very hot and very talented New Zealand born Engish television and film actress on her special day. Happy Birthday to the lovely Gina Bellman!

The connection here (obviously) is Bellman's time starring as the quirky Jane Christie, in the fantastically funny Steven Moffat TV comedy, Coupling (UK 2000–2004). Mari Wilson's cover version of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" is the theme song played, in part, to open and close each episode of the show.

You may also remember Gina Bellman for her roles in Blackeyes (1989 TV Drama), Jekyll (2007 TV Horror-Drama), and currently as grifter Sophie Devereaux in Leverage (2008-Present TV Drama).

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