July 30, 2011

Today's Tune: "Highway Song" By Blackfoot

Photo from www.tccn.ca

Trans-Canada Highway, one of the largest (4,990 mi / 8,030 km) national highways in the world, officially opened on July 30, 1962. It's actually a multi-road system, running across the Southern regions of Canada, from one end to the other. This bit of transportation history lends us the opportunity to relate a rather good 'Today's Tune' selection.

Our featured track comes from a rock band that originated in the Southern US state of Florida. Simply titled "Highway Song", it comes from the 1979 Blackfoot album, 'Strikes'.

Blackfoot - "Highway Song" 1979

Blackfoot - "Highway Song" Paris, France 2011 (New Morning club)
With current singer (Mike Estes) and drummer (Kurt Pietro)

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