June 5, 2011

Today's Tune: "No Matter What" By Badfinger

Thomas Evans, Jr. (June 5, 1947 – November 19, 1983), English musician (bassist, guitarist, singer and songwriter) mostly remembered for being a member of the rock group Badfinger, was born on this day in 1947. We will remember and honor Evans today, with this 'Today's Tune'.

You'd probably expect me to choose "Without You" (November 1970), since it was co-written for Badfinger by Tom Evans, Jr. and Welsh bandmate Pete Ham (singer, songwriter and guitarist), and became one of the most covered hit tunes ever recorded. It's even my personal favorite of all the songs in the entire Badfinger catalogue. However, it's the cover recordings by Americans singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson and Heart that I prefer, and some day those will surely be posted on this blog.

Instead, please enjoy the track I did decide to post here. "No Matter What", released on the same album, 1970's 'No Dice', is the Badfinger song that I most enjoy hearing performed by the band. It always takes me back to the good times of my childhood. I hope it brings back good memories for you as well.

Badfinger - "No Matter What" (1970)

Badfinger - "No Matter What" Live

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