May 8, 2011

Today's Tune: "Sit Down Honey (Everything
Will Be Alright)" By Elf

My favorite (several years, now) NHL hockey team, the Washington Capitals zipped through their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Playoff Series (Round 1) in five games. However, just four games into the Semifinals (Round 2), they were knocked out of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Wednesday night (May 4th).

Of course, the way it ended was very disappointing. In the first round, the Capitals were very determined, and they dominated the New York Rangers. Then, playing a much more offensively dangerous Tampa Bay Lightning, an injury riddled Caps team could only manage to keep it close.

Like most passionate fans, my heart was broken again. A few days have passed now, and the healing process has begun. Hockey will be back in the Fall, and everything will be alright. Until then, I'll be enjoying the other two thrilling sports that give me happiness, Formula One racing and World Rally Championship competition.

This 'Today's Tune' is a similar story. It gives us the reassurance we need at such a time as this. "Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)" is from the self titled first studio album by heavy blues-rock band Elf, when Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell) was both lead singer and bassist. Ronnie (born Ronald James Padavona) recorded this with band mates, guitarist David Feinstein, drummer Gary Driscoll and pianist Mickey Lee Soule.

Elf - "Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)" (1972)

Elf - "Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)" June 10, 1973
Live! And My Soul Shall Be Lifted (Bootleg)

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