May 16, 2011

Today's Tune: "Country Girl" & "Neon Knights"
By Heaven & Hell

Performing in Montreux, Switzerland, on July 7, 2007.
Photo by Sandro Campardo - AP Photo / Keystone.

One year ago today, singer and song writer Ronnie James Dio passed away (67 years old), by the hands of stomach cancer. Naturally, Ronnie has been on my mind, and remembered by millions and millions of other fans as well. Therefore, this 'Today's Tune' combo was selected to honor and remember that great man.

He was lead singer for some great bands in his time - Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell. Both of these tracks are originally from the first two Black Sabbath albums that Mr. Dio recorded with the band. I was fortunate enough to see Sabbath on both of the subsequent tours that followed. I remember those times fondly, to say the least.

The following video is from a live Heaven & Hell concert. A taste of "Country Girl", from 'Mob Rules' (1981), starts it off. Then, "Neon Knights" (1980), which was a single from the album 'Heaven And Hell', goes into full flight.

Click here, to see my long post from a few days after Ronnie's death in 2010.

Heaven & Hell - "Country Girl" & "Neon Knights"
Live - June 16, 2009

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