April 4, 2011

Today's Tune: "Still Got The Blues (For You)"
By Gary Moore

Blues rock guitarist Gary Moore was born on April 4, 1952. Unfortunately, the former living legend died, most likely from a heart attack, while on holiday in Estepona, Spain on February 6, 2011. While he made a name for himself playing for Thin Lizzy and guest appearances on other artist's albums (various types of music), he also had a highly successful solo career.

The tune I picked for this 'Today's Tune', "Still Got The Blues (For You)" (1990 Single), is one I keep in my internet favorites list, both studio and live performances. The studio version is from the 1990 album titled 'Still Got The Blues' (Check out the album's personnel list!). The live version that I'm also including here, comes from Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band - Live At Montreux 1990, which came out on DVD in 2004. I really need to take the time to find better versions, as both are low resolution videos. However, they are still pretty awesome. If you are human, you will enjoy them.

Gary Moore is certainly missed by millions of fans. But, I gotta believe he's up in heaven jammin' away with his old buddy Phil Lynott, and perhaps even Rory Gallagher.

Gary Moore - "Still Got The Blues (For You)" Studio (1990)

Gary Moore - "Still Got The Blues (For You)" Live
Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band - Live At Montreux 1990

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