April 6, 2011

Today's Tune: "Mystery" By Dio

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Firth! Jonathan, younger brother of much more well known Colin Firth (Pride And Prejudice, 'Love Actually', 'The King's Speech'), is also a fine English film and television actor. Since he has a strong resemblance to his older brother Colin, it might take a few minutes to realize that you are actually watching a quality performance by Jon. Not as well known in the US, most of his work can be found in British productions, and that's fine with me.

Jonathan has appeared in many of the television series that I love so much. These programmes include murder mystery shows like Inspector Morse (1987), Poirot (1994), Midsomer Murders (1996), and The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2002).

Keeping that mystery theme in mind, I've picked Dio's 1984 single "Mystery" for this 'Today's Tune'. It's probably my least favorite song by the group. If you want to see the studio video for this track, follow this link. It's so odd that it's hard to watch, and I couldn't bring myself to include it. A live performance is much more enjoyable, so that you can find below.

Dio - "Mystery" Live 1984 at Philadelphia Spectrum

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