April 5, 2011

Today's Tune: "Beyond The Realms Of Death"
By Judas Priest

Happy Birthday to Les Binks! Binks, born April 5, 1948, is a Northern Irish rock drummer, formerly playing for Eric Burdon and Judas Priest. "Beyond The Realms Of Death", a song he helped create for Judas Priest via coming up with the original guitar licks, is our 'Today's Tune'.

Dave Holland, who replaced Binks as the drummer for Judas Priest (1979 to 1989), was also born on the same day. I doubt he's having a happy birthday, though. Guilty or not, Holland is currently in prison, serving time for an alleged sex crime.

Anyway, back to the music. Once again, I've included a video of the original studio track and one of a live performance.

Judas Priest - "Beyond The Realms Of Death" (with Binks)

Judas Priest - "Beyond The Realms Of Death" Chicago 1981 (Holland)

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