March 27, 2011

Today's Tune: John Sullivan's "Dear John"

Rest In Peace, Ralph Bates (February 12, 1940 – March 27, 1991). English film and television actor Bates, is most famous for his work in Hammer Horror films (1970s), the TV historical fiction drama Poldark (1975 - 1977) and situation comedy Dear John. He also played one of the lead roles in the far too short lived science fiction series Moonbase 3 (1973), a creation of Doctor Who producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks.

Ralph starred as the main character in the original UK version of Dear John, a hilarious show written by John Sullivan, which ran for two years. There was also a US version, starring Judd Hirsch (Delvecchio, Taxi, Numb3rs) in the role of John Lacey, that lasted for four years. I loved this show, and how the version we saw in the states was so close to the original. The opening, the individual characters and their names, were almost exactly the same in both.

Dear John series writer John Sullivan also wrote the theme song, which is our 'Today's Tune', this instalment.

Dear John Theme Song (UK)

Dear John Theme Song (US)

Fan Tribute to Ralph Bates - Song is "White Rabbit" by Collide

Moonbase 3 - "Departure And Arrival" - Part 1

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