March 6, 2010

Download Geezer's “Beach Skeleton” For Free

Heavy metal bassist Geezer Butler, most famous for his time with Black Sabbath, is now offering a free download of a song from one of his own ("solo") albums. Until now, "Beach Skeleton" was only available on the Japanese version of the 1997 album titled 'Black Science'.

The free download was offered within the following post about Geezer's new website design at on Wednesday, March 3rd.

New Geezer Site Launched!

If you can see this message, then you’ve already seen the big changes at the Geezer Butler website. The old site design has been replaced with this new design. It was time for an update, and we’ve got something we enjoy, and we hope you do too.

We, however, aren’t just presenting you with just a new coat of paint, we’re also giving you something cool you can download and check out. Available now for free download is the Geezer track, “Beach Skeleton”. Astute Geezer fans will note that Beach Skeleton was the bonus track on the Japanese version of the 1997 album “Black Science”. Beach Skeleton was never available anywhere else (legally, anyway) outside of Japan until now. You can download the track here:

Enjoy the track, and let us know what you think of the new site!


Kameron said...

Very cool, thanks for the update.

A few days ago, I finished reading Ozzy's new autobiography, which put me in the mood for Sabbath and all things Sabbath-related...

Dan, Jr. said...

Yeah, it is cool that he'd release an import only tune for free. Most artists would stick it on a reissue, and make you buy another CD just to get one or two rare or unreleased tracks.

Another song on this album has an interesting story behind it, if you're a Doctor Who fan like me.

Geezer on the Doctor Who connection in the song “Among the Cybermen”:
“Yes, the lyrics were originally about the death of Dr. Who. The original chorus was “Dr. Who lies dead among the Cybermen”, about the final battle of Dr. Who, but was supposed to be symbolic of the end of childhood. I changed it because I thought it sounded a bit silly. Most of the album is about growing up in the era of Sixties television, and its influence on me.”

I kind of wish he hadn't changed it. It would have worked for me.


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