March 14, 2010

2010 WRC Rally Mexico Day 2 Videos

Matthew Wilson rinses the dirt off his car at Rally Mexico.

Saturday's opening stage took drivers through Ibarilla, the longest and one of the most treacherous stages of the Rally Mexico. Three of the top 10 drivers were taken out of commision in the process.

Spanish rally driver Dani Sordo, in fourth place at the start of Day 2, hit something in the road with his Citroën C4 and stopped after just 22.9 kms. Stobart Ford driver Matthew Wilson (England) went off the road at a left-hand corner in his Ford Focus RS just two kms before the finish line. American driver Ken Block was another victim, after his car's suspension broke. Citroën Total Team driver Sébastien Loeb won the stage, passing over fellow French Citroën C4 driver Sébastien Ogier and landing in second place overall. Fin Mikko Hirvonen was second quickest, but it was already looking like Loeb was ready to have a really good day.

Loeb took the lead during Saturday's second stage (SS11), completing it 16.7 seconds quicker than Norwegian rally leader Petter Solberg. Stobart Ford Team driver Henning Solberg (Petter's older brother), who was driving as good as he had in the event so far, after having reported a brake problem on SS10, stopped the clock just 3.8 seconds slower than Loeb. However, Loeb kept his lead, winning eight of the day's nine stages. Petter Solberg ended the day in second place, after recapturing the spot for good in SS15. Citroën Junior Team driver Sébastien Ogier ended the day third, just barely behind Solberg.

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Thanks to MrAntystenes for uploading the videos to YouTube.

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