March 11, 2010

2010 Formula 1 Season Preview List - Part 1

The 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship Season (61st) of racing starts this coming weekend, in Bahrain. To get yourself ready for Formula 1, you might want to check out some preview articles and videos about this season.

If you're new to F1, it's a good idea to get a taste of what is a high powered, edgy, technically interesting, exciting and historical world within motorsports. Even if you're a seasoned veteran fan, you'll want to know about any changes in rules, personnel and venues.

I've loaded up (in chronological order) links and article snippets to some pertinent posts from last week at, and a few videos to help you get geared up. Links to individual driver interviews posted to can also be found within Junior's 'Reading And Viewing List' blog entries.

FIA publish revised 2010 entry list
Posted at on March 3, 2010

The official entry list for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship was republished by the FIA on Wednesday evening. Following weeks of speculation the sport’s governing body has confirmed the North Carolina-based US team will not compete, which means 12 teams will line up on the grid at next week’s season-opener in Bahrain...

The 2010 Season Preview - Part One
Posted at on March 5, 2010

The return of Michael Schumacher; four world champions on the grid; at least three leading teams in which team mates will be fighting head-to-head for the title honours; and the prospect of drivers having to display genuine finesse in nursing their tyres now that refuelling has been banned.

Is it any wonder that 2010 is being billed as a fantastic season for the FIA Formula One World Championship?...

The 2010 Season Preview - Part Two
Posted at on March 5, 2010

Although there are several new teams joining the grid this year, few would bet against the old established outfits sharing the majority of this year’s championship spoils amongst themselves. So do the big guns head to Bahrain with the power to stay ahead of the chasing pack? We consider their chances...

The 2010 Season Preview - Part Three
Posted at on March 5, 2010

Can the midfield teams really upset the order at the head of the grid? We consider their chances...

Bahrain Grand Prix - team and driver preview quotes
Posted at on March 5, 2010

After months of preparation and weeks of testing, it is almost time for the 12 teams and 24 drivers that make up the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship to finally put their cards on the table and show just what they can do. For the teams it will be their first real chance to see if they can really challenge for the title, while for the drivers the joy of racing again will be just as potent. The Formula One fraternity look ahead to the season opener in Bahrain...

2010 Formula 1 Season Preview - Fan Music Video

2010 F1 Season Preview - Overview With Driver Commentary

2010 F1 Winter Testing In Valencia - Includes Driver Commentary

2010 Formula 1 Winter Testing Barcelona - Track Action Only

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