February 11, 2010

Junior's Reading And Viewing List:
February 8 - 9, 2010

Last Update - February 11, 2010 at 9:03 PM EST

Check out the following items found on the web. They are all definitely worth a look. Here's the 'Reading And Viewing List' for February 8 through February 9, 2010.

February 9, 2010

Road Crews Out As Maryland Sees More Snow
By Kelly McPherson at WJZ.com

...Forecasts were calling for another 10 to 20 inches as road crews battled to move last weekend's snow away from roads to make room.

Gov. Martin O'Malley said the state is facing "a lot of challenges now as we go over the all-time record in a snow season" for Maryland...
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Michael Chiklis Cast In Superhero TV Pilot, Writing Original Comic Series
By Blair Marnell at MTV's Splash Page

Following the last "Fantastic Four" film, Michael Chiklis was seemingly done with superhero properties completely. However, Chiklis has just traded one superhero family for another...

Guys Take A Beating In Funny Super Bowl Ads
By Kameron at I May Have Been Born Yesterday
But I Stayed Up All Night

Forgive me father, for I have sinned: I didn't watch the Super Bowl. But yesterday, this image greeted me on Yahoo:...

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Hopkins Talks 'Thor,' Says Thou Shalt Not Hear Shakespearean Talk
Posted by Larry Carroll at MTV's Splash Page

Over the weekend, affable veteran actor Anthony Hopkins was haunting the hallways at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, shaking the hands of various journalists as he showed off a new grey beard. When a couple of journalists asked him who he was playing in his next movie, he responded “I’m God!” and then burst out laughing...

Death Of A Narrative
By The Peerless at The Peerless Prognosticator

...Ladies and Gentlemen, the early leader in the “Strangest Statements Made About a Hockey Team” for 2010. This one is courtesy of Ken Campbell, of “The Hockey News.”...

Tim Robbins Joins 'Green Lantern' Cast
By Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

Hector Hammond's got daddy issues coming his way in the form of Oscar-winning actor Tim Robbins...

Bill Ward Works On Three Albums
By mdome at Classic Rock

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward aims to release three albums this year...

February 8, 2010

Major Cleanup Continues After Monster Storm
By Kelly McPherson at WJZ.com

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) - Maryland is still dealing with the impact of the major snowfall.

Kelly McPherson reports some parts of Maryland got almost three feet of snow, but the majority saw around two feet during the record-breaking 24- hour snowfall...
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Album #1 Turns 40 on Saturday!
By Joe Siegler at Black Sabbath Online

...This coming Saturday, the original Black Sabbath album turns 40 years old! Originally released in the UK on Friday February 13, 1970, this seminal album in Rock (not just metal, but rock in general) will reach a milestone...

'Iron Man 2' Score Being Recorded In London, Reports Jon Favreau
By Blair Marnell at MTV's Splash Page

With the release of "Iron Man 2" rapidly approaching, director Jon Favreau has revealed that the music score for the film is currently being recorded...

Travel, Schmavel
By The Peerless at The Peerless Prognosticator

Dan Steinberg gave voice to Caps fans everywhere in the Post today in discussing NBC's creepy affection for all things Penguin...

More Post-game Post Love
By The OFB Team at On Frozen Blog

Thanks to an amazing comeback, record-extending streak, and Ovechkin hat trick, the Washington Capitals rightfully trump Super Bowl XLIV in today’s The Washington Post with a terrific image (and story) above the fold:...

'Captain America' Villain Confirmed, Costume Details Revealed
By Josh Wigler at MTV's Splash Page

As "The First Avenger: Captain America" gears up for a June production start, director Joe Johnston's first priority is to find an actor to wield the character's shield. But while he works on the casting process, he's already got plans in motion for two of the film's other major elements — the villain and the costume...

What Did Mike Milbury Say Yesterday?
By Eric McErlain at Off Wing Opinion

I'm sure by now most fans of the Washington Capitals have heard about an incident that occurred just off of press row yesterday afternoon in the immediate aftermath of a thrilling 5-4 OT victory by the Caps over the Pittsburgh Penguins. The thumbnail sketch is that Mike Milbury of NBC Sports got into a confrontation with Phil Van Der Vossen, a blogger for Capitals Outsider and the owner of Gunaxin.com...

Breaking The What? Priest Plan British Steel Reissue
By mdome at Classic Rock

Judas Priest are to release a deluxe edition of their iconic 1980 album British Steel on May 10...

Snowvechkin ends with a tip of the hat
By Lindsay Applebaum at Capitals Insider

What Super Bowl? The game of the day -- the season, really -- was played at noon (as scheduled, despite the snow) and the season's second installment of Caps vs. Pens did not fail to impress:...

A Statement Win with the Nation Watching
By pucksandbooks at On Frozen Blog

On Super Snowy Super Sunday, a statement win. Against them. Extending a historic winning streak. Let us go sledding in red and enjoy another snow day.

Turning point? In a game in which the Caps trailed 4-1, I actually thought it came with Ovi beating Marc-Andre Fleury on a second-period breakaway to cut a 2-0 deficit in half. Once Jeff Schultz’s head-man pass found Ovi’s tape and the Gr8 broke free on the breakaway, instantly I thought back to game 7 here last May. Same skater, same goalie, much different outcome...

Tom Jones For Aerosmith? Don’t Rule It Out
By mdome at Classic Rock

Joe Perry has told Classic Rock that one name Aerosmith might consider as a stand-in for Steven Tyler is… Tom Jones!...

Sex Shocker At Crüe Gig
By mdome at Classic Rock

A couple were ejected from a Mötley Crüe show in Canada – for shagging...

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