February 19, 2010

2010 Rally Sweden Day 3 Videos

Mikko Hirvonen won the 2010 Rally Sweden.
Photo is by Benjamin A. Ward

Sunday, February 14, 2010 was the third and final day of 2010 World Rally Championship racing at Rally Sweden. It turned out to be a very good season starting rally for winner Mikko Hirvonen, who seemed to thrive on driving on the snow and ice covered gravel course, easily defeating last year's champion Sébastien Loeb and the other drivers.

I hope you've also checked out my blog entries on the opening press conference and shakedown, racing Day 1 and racing Day 2. Please enjoy these video clips from the final day of 2010 Rally Sweden. If you're not already into WRC, these videos could make you interested enough to become a fan. I love all the technical stuff, the excitement and the atmosphere of this wonderful sport.

2010 WRC: Rally Sweden - Sébastien Loeb Nearly Off Road

2010 WRC: Rally Sweden - Comments On Rally Rookie Kimi Räikkönen

2010 WRC: Rally Sweden - Day 3 Snowy Driver Medley (Extended Clip)

2010 WRC: Rally Sweden - Day 3 Highlights

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