January 20, 2010

Today's Tune: "Who Are You?" By Black Sabbath

Happy Birthday Tom Baker! Today, January 20, 2010, is English stage, film and television actor Tom Baker's 76th birthday.

Baker is most remembered for his 7 year (1974 - 1981) run as the fourth incarnation of the Doctor, in the classic BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. More recently, he worked on both the BBC Radio (2001 - 2003?) and BBC Television (2003 - 2006) as the narrator on the naughty comedy sketch series, Little Britain (and Little Britain USA in 2008). He has also authored two books, 'Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?' (1997) and 'The Boy Who Kicked Pigs' (1999).

I wish I had been able to find the time to do a more detailed separate post on Tom for his birthday, but sadly that wasn't the case. Some time in the future then. While you anxiously await that blog entry, you can visit the Wikipedia page on Tom Baker. However, I suggest you head over to Tom's official web site. There, you will find an almost limitless amount of information on Mr. Baker. His full and accurate biography, excerpts from his books, video clips and photos, and the lists of all his movie and television appearances. He even does a monthly news letter (or blog).

When I think of Tom Baker, my thoughts are drawn to the time he spent as Doctor Who. So, for the 'Today's Tune', I picked the song "Who Are You?" by England's heavy metal pioneers, Black Sabbath. It was first released on the 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' album in December of 1973. The album tour began in January of 1974, the same year Tom Baker began his tour as the Doctor.

Black Sabbath - "Who Are You?" (1973)

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