January 7, 2010

Today's Tune: "Guilty" By Nazareth

The 'Today's Tune' for this January 7th is "Guilty" by the Scottish rock band, Nazareth. This track was chosen because I haven't been around for a while, and though I explained why in my last blog entry, my apologies once again. I feel so bad about being away, that I'm including three different performances, one studio and two live.

The melodic blues song, with both country and soul elements, was originally released only on the Canadian and European vinyl versions of the hugely successful album 'Hair Of The Dog' (1975). Too bad it didn't make it on the original US copies, but then we got "Love Hurts" . Hard to imagine that tune being left off in Canada and Europe, yet that's the one that they swapped.

Nazareth - "Guilty" Album Audio

Nazareth - "Guilty" Live 1976

Nazareth - "Guilty" Extended Live Acoustic Audio

Band Members:

Dan McCafferty - Lead Vocals
Manny Charlton - Guitars, Synthesiser
Pete Agnew - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Darrell Sweet - Drums, Backing Vocals

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