January 9, 2010

Today's Tune: "Dance Like A Monkey"
& "Cause I Sez So" By New York Dolls

Happy Birthday David Johansen! The American (originally from Staten Island, New York) protopunk/glam rock singer and songwriter, most famous for his years fronting the New York Dolls, turned 60 years old today.

Johansen, with his multiple personas, is very interesting person to me. Anyone who can pull off one character can be entertaining, but living life as a few different people during long stretches each, well that gets my attention. The main influence on David's looks and behaviour is obviously his idol, singer Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.

Although my two choices for this 'Today's Tune' are songs released within the last few years, in these videos, you can still see elements that previously musically influenced bands like the Ramones, Blondie and maybe even The Clash. Please enjoy "Dance Like A Monkey" (2006) and "Cause I Sez So" (2009).

New York Dolls - "Dance Like A Monkey"
on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in 2006

New York Dolls - "Cause I Sez So"
on Later ... with Jools Holland May 15, 2009

Current Band Members Include:

David Johansen - Lead Vocals
Sylvain Sylvain - Guitar
Steve Conte - Guitar
Brian Delaney - Drums
Sami Yaffa - Bass
Brian Koonin - Piano

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