October 29, 2009

Today's Tune: "Thunderbird" By Quiet Riot

Photo of Kevin DuBrow by Tim Sharp / AP Photo

American rock singer Kevin DuBrow was born on October 29, 1955. DuBrow is mostly remembered for the many years he spent as lead singer for the heavy metal band Quiet Riot. Sadly, Kevin died from an accidental cocaine overdose in November of 1997. His energy and his fantastically unique voice are greatly missed by fans, which includes myself.

Quiet riot had a few very successful albums ('Quiet Riot II', 'Metal Health', 'Condition Critical') and singles ("Slick Black Cadillac", "Metal Health", "Mama Weer All Crazee Now") in the 1980s, before their appeal faded. They released a few more albums intermittently during the 1990s and through to 2006. The band's lineup changed regularly in that time period, and never regained the popularity they enjoyed in their early years.

For our 'Today's Tune' on this day of remembrance, I've chosen one of my favorite Quiet Riot tracks. "Thunderbird" might not be the most well known song by the boys, but it pulls at my heart strings when I hear it.

Quiet Riot - "Thunderbird"

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