October 5, 2009

Today's Tune: "Fat Bottomed Girls" By Queen

Among those well known Americans born on an October 5th, is Ray Kroc (Born October 5, 1902 – Died January 14, 1984). Kroc was a businessman who sold milkshake mixing machines, who became a partner with the owners of the McDonald's Corporation, in the hopes of putting his mixers in multiple future locations. In 1961, he purchased the balance of the company from the McDonald's family. His vision of opening up more McDonalds fast restaurants and franchising them soon became a reality. Eventually, the fast food chain spread across the globe.

We all know that unhealthy fast food has led many people to become overweight. You might say Ray Kroc is partially responsible for millions of fat asses being served. With that in mind, this installment of 'Today's Tune' features the song appropriately titled "Fat Bottomed Girls" , by English rock band Queen.

Queen - "Fat Bottomed Girls" (Original music video)

Queen - "Fat Bottomed Girls" Live at Milton Keynes in 1982.

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