October 10, 2009

Today's Tune: "Dive", "Captain Nemo"
By Sarah Brightman

According to Wikipedia:

The United States Naval Academy is an undergraduate college in Annapolis, Maryland, United States, that educates and commissions officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The Academy often is referred to simply as "Annapolis". It is also called "The Academy", "The Boat School", or "Canoe U". Sports media refer to the Academy as Navy; this usage is officially endorsed. The U.S. Naval Academy was established 10 October 1845.

The Academy's motto is Ex Scientia Tridens, which is Latin for "from knowledge, seapower" (the trident, emblem of the Roman god Neptune, represents seapower).


Keeping to the nautical / marine end of things, this 'Today's Tune' post features both album title track / intro "Dive" and "Captain Nemo" by English soprano singer Sarah Brightman. My apologies for not doing a more in depth entry today, but I spent an embarrassingly huge amount of time trying to find a high quality video for this, and there just wasn't one available on the Internet. The one I've chosen is the best video that included both tracks. Unfortunately, like most that I saw, the ending is cut a bit short.

Sarah Brightman - "Dive" / "Captain Nemo"

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